Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blog Entry #3

As I was exploring I discovered something similar to what I had wanted to develop...
It is called the Duracell Instant Charger. Technically, it isn't a touch and charge. This device is like a portable charging device capable of going anywhere and charging anything with a USB. 

Blog Entry #2

Julie here, again,...I have developed a few possible concepts... although they may be unreasonable and illogical, it is an idea.

Idea #1:
Imagine a small device that will regulate amount of electric currents flowing into the device. It is capable of detecting how much is needed in order to fully charge the device. It is also capable of stopping the flow of currents when it realizes that the device can not charge anymore.

Idea #2:
Imagine a small touch pad, the cellphone's cell (charging unit) can be placed on top of the touch pad, aligned up according to the pad's directions. The cell will then charge, also with limited amount of currents that will detect how much it takes to charge the device.

Blog Entry #1

For those of you who don't know, my name is Julie Nguyen. Today, I contemplated how this device would even be possible. The more reasonable idea would to have just a regular charger rather than a touchpad charger. 

What I want:
-Create a device that will regulate the amount of electric currents allowed into the device
-Instant and full charge of a device

Problems to keep in mind:
-Overcharging the phone
-Destroying the phone's battery, or even the phone
-Potential danger to the user